Saturday April 30, 2016
I am participating in Authors for Indies--celebrating independent book stores. Visit us at Book City   2354 Bloor Street West, from 1 to 2 pm.
I will have art work there and copies of my books.

the Author

Water Voices is a chapbook (24 pages) Publication date: 2000
The cover is a picture of my very first painting which I based on a
Thomas Cole landscape. 20 years later I painted the same landscape and
titled it Backset/twenty years later. I  wanted to see how my technique
had progressed. The second painting is pictured in my
Pouring Small Fire (first book published)
Publication date: 2003
A book of mostly narrative poems based on family experiences.
To Stop Time
Publication date: November 2014
My latest book explains some of the
process of my grief after my husband,
Mike Glicksohn, died in March 2011. It is a book that had to be written.
It is unique in that each poem is accompanied by a picture of one of my paintings. It is wonderful to celebrate both poetry and painting in one book.