Fantasy in Mixed Media
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  1. Flying Kites by Night
    Flying Kites by Night
  2. Six Landscapes
    Six Landscapes
  3. Hope Lives Here (SOLD)
    Hope Lives Here (SOLD)
  4. Deconstructing the Jester (SOLD)
    Deconstructing the Jester (SOLD)
  5. Peter's Forest (in private collection)
    Peter's Forest (in private collection)
  6. Kimono Ghost
    Kimono Ghost
  7. Forest Archway
    Forest Archway
  8. Flying Home  (SOLD)
    Flying Home (SOLD)
  9. Spring in Japan  (SOLD)
    Spring in Japan (SOLD)
  10. Mountain Fantasy
    Mountain Fantasy
  11. Pandora's Dream
    Pandora's Dream
  12. Flying on the Edge (in private collection)
    Flying on the Edge (in private collection)
  13. If Hosta could Dream (SOLD)
    If Hosta could Dream (SOLD)
  14. Pure Fantasy
    Pure Fantasy
  15. Pandora's Dawn
    Pandora's Dawn
  16. Tidal Rave (in private collection)
    Tidal Rave (in private collection)
  17. All Manner of Trees and the Moon  (SOLD)
    All Manner of Trees and the Moon (SOLD)
  18. A Crane's Dream/after Parrish
    A Crane's Dream/after Parrish
  19. Sunflower Dream (in private collection)
    Sunflower Dream (in private collection)
  20. Weeping Monk (SOLD)
    Weeping Monk (SOLD)
  21. Edge of Night
    Edge of Night
  22. Toward a Brighter Future
    Toward a Brighter Future
  23. Cape Dance
    Cape Dance
  24. Fanfare
  25. Sailing to the Moon
    Sailing to the Moon
  26. The Light Within
    The Light Within
  27. What the Night Knows (SOLD)
    What the Night Knows (SOLD)
  28. Pandora Afterglow (SOLD)
    Pandora Afterglow (SOLD)
  29. Finding the Center
    Finding the Center
  30. Petal Power
    Petal Power
  31. Through the Gate
    Through the Gate
  32. Evening Pond Celebration
    Evening Pond Celebration
  33. Beyond the Begonias
    Beyond the Begonias
  34. Freedom Flight (SOLD)
    Freedom Flight (SOLD)
  35. Wings Over the Wharf
    Wings Over the Wharf
  36. Where the Cranes Fly (SOLD)
    Where the Cranes Fly (SOLD)
  37. Homage to the Blue Rose
    Homage to the Blue Rose
  38. Deconstructing the Peacock (SOLD)
    Deconstructing the Peacock (SOLD)
  39. Cranes Escaping
    Cranes Escaping
  40. Sensuous Sailing
    Sensuous Sailing