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  1. Through the Arch
    Through the Arch
  2. Celebration
  3. Garden on the Beach
    Garden on the Beach
  4. Sunset Road
    Sunset Road
  5. Joyous Tree
    Joyous Tree
  6. Copper Beach
    Copper Beach
  7. Evening Prayer
    Evening Prayer
  8. February Night
    February Night
  9. Greenglow Forest
    Greenglow Forest
  10. Birch Tree Island
    Birch Tree Island
  11. Friendly Birches
    Friendly Birches
  12. For the Love of Wings
    For the Love of Wings
  13. Alien Garden
    Alien Garden
  14. Trees Ablaze
    Trees Ablaze
  15. Early Snowfall
    Early Snowfall
  16. Young Trees in Winter
    Young Trees in Winter
  17. Floating House (SOLD)
    Floating House (SOLD)