Landscapes in Acrylic
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  1. After The Storm (SOLD)
    After The Storm (SOLD)
  2. Copper Dawn  (SOLD)
    Copper Dawn (SOLD)
  3. High Park: View from the Bridge   (SOLD)
    High Park: View from the Bridge (SOLD)
  4. Spring Canopy
    Spring Canopy
  5. Cherry Tree Statement (SOLD)
    Cherry Tree Statement (SOLD)
  6. Limekiln Ridge  (SOLD)
    Limekiln Ridge (SOLD)
  7. Victoria Harbour Autumn (SOLD)
    Victoria Harbour Autumn (SOLD)
  8. Horizon View/Purple
    Horizon View/Purple
  9. Blue Sruce/December
    Blue Sruce/December
  10. Copper Moonset
    Copper Moonset
  11. North Lake Trees  (SOLD)
    North Lake Trees (SOLD)
  12. North Lake Evening
    North Lake Evening
  13. Metallic Dawn (SOLD)
    Metallic Dawn (SOLD)
  14. Preston Hill
    Preston Hill
  15. Metallic Landscape
    Metallic Landscape
  16. Misty Hills
    Misty Hills
  17. Dawn Rising
    Dawn Rising
  18. Forest Afternoon
    Forest Afternoon
  19. Peaceful Birches
    Peaceful Birches