about the Artist

Picture this: grade 8, encountering Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters for the first time.  The painting was in an art book that my art teacher had.  I never forgot it!  The faces in that painting made me realize that I truly lived a privileged life, that I had never been that hungry and never would be.  That class would be the last art class I took until I was 40 years old!  I became an English teacher but always wanted to paint.  And now I do.
It’s not about the money. Hey, it’s nice to sell my work and I do sell it! But I love the process and I must paint. And I paint a little of everything: some portraits, animals, landscapes, mixed media, fantasy, science fiction--using thick paint, watered-down paint--on glass, canvas, masonite, paper, wood. I never tire of experimenting.

What do I hope to achieve? I want a reaction from you, whether that be fascination, horror, peace, contemplation, delight.
What statement am I making? That life is full of possibilities--there are no limits.
Which comes first, the painting or the poetry? It happens both ways: sometimes I create a painting based on a poem and sometimes it works the other way around. Both ways are intriguing to me.  Poetry was my first love and I continue to think in metaphors making images in my art work often more symbolic than literal.
My paintings are like poetry to me so I have included a line from my poetry to describe each painting.
I hope the quotations I have chosen will resonate with you and aid you in your appreciation of the art work.
What about Prices? Depends on the materials used, time invested, and the dimensions. Contact me to inquire about price.
What speaks to you concerning my paintings? I really want to know. That information inspires me to move forward. I also work on comission.

I am a fan of most music, especially Rock, Classical choral works, single artists such as Sam Smith, Adele, and Stevie Ray Vaughn (what a loss). I even have a painting titled Steven Tyler’s Dream based on the idea that such a dream might look a bit fractured as a rock star’s life might be.
I love colour! No doubt about it judging by my paintings, but also I am drawn toward monochromatic works.
I love dogs! Not so much for cats, but I am working on that.

My favorite writers include Shakespeare, Milton, D.H. Lawrence, George R.R. Martin, Joe Haldeman, Margaret Atwood, Sharon Olds, Dickens--I could go on forever.
Art is my life. I hope my life intersects with yours through my art work. I look forward to that!

Susan Manchester
Video interview by Andrew C. Brown http://www.digi-realm.com/